Lockdown Working : Our Norm

If you are client of ours, you will know we no longer live in the UK. If you know nothing about us, you won’t know that we live abroad, but we are able to continue to run our design business as if we were still in Manchester. This gives us a unique insight into how to continue our business during lockdown and how to continue to provide the high level of both service and design, that our clients have come to know. And expect.

Since we moved abroad, ALL of our communications with clients have been done via regular phone calls, online meetings and emails. We’ve been doing, for a long time now, what many businesses are now having to get their heads around.

Lockdown working

This does not mean we are declaring ourselves to be better than other designers out there. It just means that how we are all forced to work now, is the norm for us, and so we’ve had longer to hone the way we work.

We’ve retained the vast majority of our UK based clients and since moving, have taken on new clients, all of whom apart from one, are UK based. This client, like us, has relocated to Europe, but came to us from a current client recommendation. Therefore, a number of our clients, we’ve never actually met. However, that has made absolutely no difference, as we’ve been able to forge really excellent relationships, as well as friendships, through the design process. We continue to work with our (deliberately) small group of clients, many of whom came to us quite a long time ago, and during lockdown we have:

  • supported new business ventures – lots of talking and discussion and idea sharing and advice, even before any work was agreed
  • designed new websites & print materials for these ventures
  • used social media to help spread the word
  • updated and added to websites, to reflect current working practices
  • offered very workable solutions to clients re. payment options – we are very open to discussing things with clients as although we are all essentially in lockdown, all clients have different needs
  • welcomed new clients and delivered high quality, but affordable (see point above) designs

We try to always be open and honest about how we do things and why take the approaches we take. Our blog provides a whole lot more insight into us.

If you are looking for designers and think we might be just who you could be looking for, take a look at our work and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Helen & Pete

(Yes, there’s only two of us – so, if it’s a big, flashy agency you want with a fleet of super-duper cars parked outside swanky offices, we’re not for you. We do have quite a nice car, but it’s parked outside our home – and more often than not, filled with rubble, as we’re embarking on our next renovation project. In between designing websites).