A Little Politeness Goes a Long Way…

When we receive a design enquiry, we take it very seriously. If someone has taken the time to approach us, we assume that they have visited our website and like what they see. Like it enough to actually make contact with us.

The first thing we do, when we receive an enquiry, is acknowledge it. We say thank you and give a time frame for when we will reply in more detail. We think this is very important, so that the potential client knows that we are dealing with their enquiry and that we are thinking about, and considering, what they require.

We then begin the process of considering the enquiry. What we can deliver for the budget. Or, if no budget is indicated, trying to elicit an approximation. We explain about the importance of budget, at the outset, here. We think about questions we need to ask, to obtain more information, to provide a quote. We explain how we work. We provide suggestions and options. We don’t do template, off-the-peg designs, so we tailor our response to each individual client, and this takes time. Someone approaching us, having just found us and who we don’t know, is as important to us a long-standing client, and so we treat them with respect and hopefully, in these initial contacts, convey the kind of people we are.

Generally, because people seem to do their homework about us, these initial enquiries blossom into full blown design projects and we’re delighted that over the last year or so, some really lovely clients have joined our design family…

The Cheese Hamlet

Lindsey Guest Wellness

The Atman Practice

Dough-Re-Me pizza kits

Design work with these clients all started because from the outset, a sense of mutual respect was established. Both parties responded in a timely fashion, acknowledged emails/phone calls and understood that the creation of a great relationship is key. However, it doesn’t always work out like this. And this is a little bit of a bugbear of mine. Not because we may not secure the project. But because sometimes, people are just downright rude. And it always follows a pattern…

  • We receive a design enquiry, often with quite a lot of key information missing, but usually with a deadline for delivery of the project
  • We acknowledge the design enquiry
  • We follow up with a detailed email, either providing a quote if we have sufficient information, or requesting more info so that we can the provide the quote – and this is done in a very timely way as we are conscious of the deadline
  • Days will pass and nothing. So, just to check that the email has actually been received – as sometimes emails will fall into junk folders – we follow up. At this point, we make it VERY, VERY clear that if someone has received the information but has decided not to proceed, this is not a problem at all. We just need to know so that we can close down the enquiry and move on
  • And still nothing…

We give everyone the opportunity to just say “Thanks, but no thanks…” as we think this is the right thing to do. We do it, as we don’t feel that it’s right to just keep people hanging on. But we guess not everyone operates in the same way.

So, if you want to work with someone who will not only deliver your design requirements, but will be polite and respectful and communicate with you effectively, we could probably work together.

However, if you don’t value these things, we’d politely suggest you might be better looking elsewhere for your design…