We’re Ready When You Are…

We first met Aquarius Plumbing quite a few years ago, when they came to us, having been recommended by another client. We had a couple of meetings where we got to know the guys, and worked out their ambitions for the website. We discussed our approach and emphasised that we could work, as best as we could, to their timetable. We also discussed pricing, and how we can be as flexible as we can be, with clients who are running fairly small, independent businesses. A price was quoted and agreed and we expected to begin the design work, fairly soon after.

However, not everything works out as expected, and work did not begin soon after. In fact, all went quite quiet. We could have pushed the situation, emailing and phoning, especially as it had all seemed that all was going ahead. But, that’s not our style. Perhaps we should be a little bit more direct, but we guess that people have their reasons for going quiet, and we don’t feel it’s our business to perhaps exacerbate a situation. If we don’t know why things have stalled, we assume that people need a little bit of space. It’s what we would want, and we think it’s only right and fair that we treat people as we would want to be treated.

It was a good couple of years later, when the following email pinged into my inbox :

Do you remember us? I hear from my friends at Thyme Out Deli that you did their site – very nice! Could we resurrect discussions to redo our plumbing site?

And so, it was over two years from our initial meeting, that we started to work on the Aquarius Plumbing website. Two years in which they had grown and developed the business, building a bank of experience and projects and testimonials from satisfied clients. Meaning that we had so much more information from which to design a website.

They wanted a website which was easy to navigate, pleasing on the eye, with all of the information that you might need if you needed a plumber. And, quickly! As many people need a plumber in times of emergency, we ensured that contact details and services were clear and prominent and that the site was uncluttered. FAQs were kept simple, but prominent. We also wanted to deliver a website which was stylish and good to look at. In the way that a plumber will take pride in his/her work, we too take pride in ours and we always want to produce a good-looking website. After all, we do say on our own site, that we have a knack for designing gorgeous websites…

Here’s what we came up with for Aquarius Plumbing.

It doesn’t matter how long it is from you contacting us, to us beginning your design project. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Of course, some enquiries do dry up – and this is absolutely fine too, because this means it was never meant to be. Meaning we can focus on clients like Aquarius Plumbing. We’d prefer you took your time, and worked out exactly what you want, as well as deciding if we are what you want. And when you’ve made that decision, just drop us an email, like Aquarius did. We bet we’ll remember you!

As a small independent business, we wanted designers who understood us & our ambitions for our website. We are delighted that We Are Life ticked our boxes!