hassle free emails

Emails are a way of life now. Whether we send long, detailed missives, carefully thought out and thoroughly checked, to a one liner, on the go, on our phone, they are one of the key ways to communicate. They are an efficient way of communicating with your client base and are generally very hassle free. However, sometimes issues can raise their heads, and at these times, if you host your website with us, we’ve got your back.

Within the annual fee we charge for website hosting – £120 – email set up and management is also included. We like to think that the fee also includes peace of mind, because you can be safe in the knowledge that if something goes wrong with your emails, we are on hand to sort things out for you.

The alternative is that you sort it all out yourself. And, whilst most email issues are quite easy to resolve, some aren’t. Some require a change in settings. Some require liaison with our host company. Some require a small amount of technical knowledge and some require quite in-depth knowledge. All require patience and often time. Wouldn’t you rather just have the total peace of mind that someone who knows exactly what are doing, can hop onto any issues on your behalf?

There’s also the actual setting up of email accounts on the devices that you use. Again, often quite straight forward if you have a bit of tech savvy, but sometimes, completely unfathomable. If you host with us, we set up your email accounts and give you detailed instructions as to how to install on all of the devices you use. We also, if you wish, keep a secure record of your passwords, so that you are never left high and dry, unable to access accounts. Of course, you can chose not to give us your passwords, which is fine, but it would mean that if we ever need to work on your accounts, access would be more difficult.

Through our emails to our clients, we keep you updated about email issues. We advise you of scam emails and what you should do. We can advise how you can best spring clean your inboxes so that your emails work to their optimum. We are on hand to advise if emails are genuine or spam – and it’s surprising how very genuine these hoax emails are these days, and if you act on impulse, rather than having someone to take advice from, or reassure you, you could be opening up a whole horrid Pandora’s Box of email troubles.

When emails work, you don’t really need to think about them. They just let you communicate easily and effectively. But when they don’t work – and believe us, there will DEFINITELY be times when, for a variety of reasons, they don’t work – you might be quite glad of the £120 you pay annually for website and email hosting. Rather than thinking of it as “hosting” – which doesn’t really explain what it actually involves – think of it as an insurance policy. Only with this insurance policy, your annual premiums don’t increase incrementally.

If your website is hosted elsewhere, but you are considering a move, why not get in touch with us? We would discuss the practicalities and implications of any move BEFORE commencing any work, as we could not guarantee it would be a straightforward task. An admin fee would be charged to bring in any external hosting of websites and emails, and this fee would start at £40. If simple, this would be the charge. If more complicated, we would advise you of the best course of action – especially if remaining with your current provider would be the most cost effective for you.

(However, once with us, we don’t have any hidden fees. We don’t do additional work associated with hosting and then spring an invoice on you. We charge £120 per annum and give you peace of mind. In the unlikely event that any work required by us in this area, was beginning to escalate, we would always discuss this with you first – so that if an additional fee was to be charged, you would be fully aware of the implications of any work, before charges started to ptentially increase)