and, we’re back…

Just like that! Almost in the blink of an eye, the festive season is over and we’re already back, designing. We hope that you, like us, had a thoroughly relaxing time, spent with family and friends. We feel thoroughly recharged after a couple of weeks of hosting family and friends, trips to Italy to pick up and return visitors to airports, eating fabulous food and probably drinking far too much, putting our feet up and bingeing on TV that we don’t normally have the time to watch – generally just decompressing and enjoying being snug and cosy and doing nothing apart from what we really wanted to do. Bliss.

But, we can’t live like this forever, and so the decorations and sparkles are back in their boxes, the cheese and mountains are almost depleted and the laptops are back on. And, it feels good, even though we are back at work, because we are doing what we love.

If 2024 is the year you decide that your online presence either needs to happen, or be improved, we might be the people who can help you. Our favourite projects include :

  • website design (from simple one page sites to full e-commerce sites)
  • branding
  • design of promotional materials : brochures, menus, banners, business cards etc
  • product packaging design

We can offer an SEO service, although we don’t do this ourselves. After many failed attempts with SEO people, we’ve finally found a guy who is ethical, trust worthy and absolutely not a rip off merchant. We’ve met too many of those, in the SEO world of smoke & mirrors. He works as we do – with integrity and honesty. So, if SEO was to be part of a project, we’d heartily recommend you to our guy, Scott – and we are sure that clients of ours who work with him currently, would give you the low down.

We prefer to work with independent businesses, rather than corporates. In the past, we’ve designed for clients who operate in the corporate world, and to be honest, none of the projects made our hearts sing. So, we avoid pitching for work and we don’t enter into any kind of tendering processes. We keep our client base small deliberately, as we cannot afford to spread ourselves too thinly. We’re pretty choosy about who we work with – but if you’ve already found us, we think you might have done some homework on us, and so probably know this.

If you want to find out a bit more about us, you can see our latest projects on the website, but do also read a bit more on our blog. You might be surprised at what you find out about us…