A Little Re-Design of Our Own…

Our own website has gone through a variety of versions since we started our company. In the beginning, we worked with another designer, who led things design-wise, but since we went solo, our own style has emerged. But, even with updates and sometimes quite wholesale changes, I never felt that our website really reflected us and what we did.

However, probably like the builder who never gets rounds to finishing his own house, because he’s too busy working on other peoples, we never felt we had the time to invest in our own design, because we were too busy with client project. Until we made the time. We realised that we had to, because if we were to generate more work, we had to showcase what we could do, in the best way possible. Not having a website which reflected our own work, probably wasn’t the best move, and so, inspired by the beautiful sites which were being delivered to clients, I started a process of subtle nagging.

We decided to strip back the website completely, as in our experience, all people want to know initially is what can you do, what have you done, and who have you done it for. We think that they want to see initially, if what we design, sits well with their ideas and vision. And, of course, an easy way to get in touch with us.

Client projects are now displayed in a much simpler way – each featured website is de-saturated, until it is hovered over, and the actual colour palette revealed. Each project opens in a new window, enabling the visitor to drill down in more detail. Each project clearly states the brief.

Our blog has also been redesigned. Rather than linking to an external WordPress blog, which out of necessity – no time to do anything else etc – it always has been, it’s now a fully bespoke, fully integrated blog, which complements the rest of our website, seamlessly.

I think this section is as important as the client work section. Our blog provides meat on the bone. It’s our opportunity to share our working practices, our thoughts, our news. It gives potential clients a window into our design lives. It’s not all show-boating about how super we are – although when we feel we’ve delivered excellent design and excellent service, we will write about, because that’s important. It’s an honest glimpse into us, day to day. If something has hacked us off, or has gone wrong, we’re as likely to blog about that, as we are about an amazing new website. It’s really important for us to connect with clients and we want them to get a feel for us from the outset, and understand us. So, even if you’re not interested in us designing a website for you, we would encourage you to pop over to the blog. We think you’ll definitely find it’s not your usual blog…

If what you see/read is of interest, we’re just at the end of a telephone if you prefer good old fashioned talking – 0161 445 7759. Or, if you prefer an email, we’re always contactable this way – helen@wearelife.co.uk Even quicker, there’s a dinky contact form on the website. Whichever way you choose, we’ll get back to you in a timely fashion, because we know there’s nothing worse than being kept waiting. Whether for a response to your enquiry, or your brand new website.