A Little Bit of Context…


If you don’t know anything at all about us, it might be useful for you, in making the important decision of selecting a designer, to know about our situation.

Who We Are…

We are just the two of us – Pete & Helen. We’ve amassed a lot of experience which means that we work well together, as we have complementary skills. Pete is the designer, who brings your ideas to life. He has a varied background, and everything he has done professionally has brought him, creatively, to where he is now. I’m the one who organises things. With a background in teaching, I know how important it is to communicate clearly and effectively – and I’ll mostly be the one you deal with, especially in the early stages of your design project. We also thinks it’s so important to build relationships with clients, and so (unless you definitely decide you don’t want to hear from us again!), I’ll be the one who communicates with you regularly about news or developemnts we think you should know about. Pete will also continue to work with you on your design needs.

About Us…

Although we loved (and still do), West Didsbury, we were becoming increasingly fed up with the weather (too much rain, too little sun), the pace of life (too frantic, too little down time) and never seeing a sunrise or a proper sunset. So, we made the decision to move and try and find all of this – and guess what?

We did!

We now design from a stone farmhouse we are renovating in northern Istria, very near to the Italian border. We still get rain (quite a lot of it actually, in the winter) but we also get to see sunrises and sunsets, the sun shines and life is nowhere near as fast paced.

With good internet connection we’re able to continue our design business, communicating with clients as normal via email or calls. Since we’ve been out here, we’ve taken on new clients from the UK, and continue to work with our wonderful group of We Are Life friends. Choosing a website designer is a BIG decision, and we hope we can help you make the right one. We think there are a few ways you can find out a little bit more about us, before you make your decision:

  • Call  – 0161 445 7759 – or email us (helen@wearelife.co.uk). We’re very happy to answer any questions you might have, as you do your initial research.
  • Read our blog.
  • Check out what other clients say about their experiences with us, on our website.
  • Perhaps make contact with one or two of our clients – testimonials are all well and good, but sometimes you can glean a bit more by actually talking to someone about their experiences with us.


We have an amazing group of clients. We don’t particularly want a bigger client base, as we are more than happy with the work we have currently. However, we are always keen to work with people who present us with really interesting design opportunities, and we especially like working with independent businesses and people who are just starting out.

We know that for some people, the fact that we are no longer in the UK full time, will rule us out of the equation, and that’s fine. For others, however, this won’t be a problem, because they will have done their homework, done research on us and have been reassured that it doesn’t really matter where we are, because will always give our best.

And, as they say, distance really is no object…

The following websites, and design projects, have all been completed post move from England:

Screenshot_2018-12-17 Monkey Wrench Plumbing Services


Screenshot_2019-01-24 Wedding Venues Cheshire, Cheshire Wedding Venue Styal Lodge


Screenshot_2018-07-18 Kettlebell classes, Manchester Better Stronger Faster(1)


Screenshot_2018-11-22 boutique hair salon, West Didsbury MacleodBradley - south Manchester's most contemporary hair salon


Screenshot_2018-07-18 For Baby and Me and Pramactive - award-winning baby massage and parent and baby fitness classes in St[...]



The Conker Crew : Logo/Branding, Promotional Materials

And the following holding pages represent websites which we are currently working on (Feb 2019) :

Screenshot_2018-10-01 Evie's Beauty Spa, West Didsbury, Manchester

Screenshot_2018-11-15 exceptional installations renovations, Manchester - Paul Andrew Jones

Screenshot_2019-02-21 Event hire and styling of vintage china and props Purveyor of afternoon tea parties Cheshire, Manches[...]

If you are interested in speaking to us, you can make an initial contact via the Design Enquiry form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.