Working With You…

We know that deciding to have a website designed, is a HUGE decision. We are very aware that budget is a major consideration, especially in these very uncertain times, and so we are very transparent in the way we price projects. We always discuss pricing with clients and we look at ways to be as flexible as possible. Our normal terms of 50% deposit and 50% upon completion, are sometimes no problem. However, sometimes, cashflow is an issue, but we absolutely believe that this should not prevent you from having the website or the design that you want.

We will always look at finding solutions to help you. Some clients find that paying by tranches is helpful – often the website has gone live before full payment is received, but if this is all agreed beforehand, we have absolutely no issue with this. Some clients find paying a monthly retainer to be the answer. Again, this works for us too. So, if you get to the point of approaching us for design work and start to complete the design enquiry form on our website, please don’t fret over the “approximate budget” field. This is exactly what it says – an approximation. Having a budget of £2000 is very different to a budget of £200, but we just need to have an idea, so that we can be realistic with you, in what we can deliver, initially. Leaving it blank – which we know is tempting, and we know why people do it – doesn’t help in the initial stages and really only wastes time as we need to dig a little deeper to find out what that magical figure is. But – don’t worry. You will not be held to it. It’s only a starting point.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are desperate for a new website, but think that especially in these days, it would be out of your budget, think again. Pop over to our website and complete that design enquiry form. We can help make this work for you.