The Small Print

We know how it is. Small print is boring. Blah. Blah. Blah… But – it’s there on our website for a reason. And the main reason being, that you don’t receive an unexpected – but very avoidable – invoice, for additional charges. We try VERY hard to keep our charges as affordable as possible, but sometimes we just need to cover unexpected work. Especially work which you request, because you have decided, for whatever reason to move away from us, and which takes us away from the work we will undoubtedly be doing for other paying clients.

When we get the rare request like this, we can always gurantee the word “urgent” will be attached to the request. Fine. We’ll do it urgently, and because you’ll have read our small print, you will pay the invoice before we release what you want, because you know this is what happens.

But, just in case you’re an avoider of the small print, here’s what’s very clearly set out on our website

The small print: If it is necessary for We Are Life to carry out any administrative tasks on your behalf, which do not fall within the remit of our signed agreement, we reserve the right to charge an administration fee of £35.00. Work which becomes more involved and which has been initiated at your request, will be costed out accordingly. You will be notified of any additional costs, prior to us doing any further work. Works which fall under this admin fee include domain/hosting transfers, reinstating websites due to non-payment of hosting and other tasks which need to be carried out, at your request, and which involve dealing with an external third party. All administration fees must be paid PRIOR to any works, of this nature, being carried out by We Are Life.