Summer’s Out and School’s Back…

Although no longer a teacher, September still holds the same feelings for me. Summer drawing to a close – but still clinging on, with days which seem surprisingly hot – but hints of autumn creeping in. Leaves starting to change colour and falling. Nights drawing in earlier. Morning dew on the grass. And, new work. However, the work is now design work rather than schemes of work and coursework and exam performance reports. Which now feel a whole lot nicer – and a whole lot more creative and less stressful.

Since we got back behind our desks earlier this week, we’ve been busy. The beautiful revamped website for Didsbury & Ancoats chocolatiers, Cocoa Cabana, has been launched. With new imagery and new sections, including a bespoke online shop, it really does invite you in. It’s a sumptious design, full of rich colours and striking fonts and imagery which really showcases the beautiful products. Perfect timing for a relaunch

We’ve taken on two brand new clients since the end of summer – one who has come to us via a recommendation from another client and the other who knows us well, as we designed her husband’s website. We’ve made a start on this project, the branding and logo having been agreed and holding page as we prepare to design the website.

Our long-term client, Love Bridal Boutique in Altrincham, keeps very much abreast of all design developments and trends and we are delighted to be working on the third incarnation of the website. We always know that any design work for Love Bridal will be an absolute joy, because all imagery is supplied by another client, co-owner of the boutique, Jonny Draper, who is a renowned wedding photographer and whose website we also recently revamped. A holding page for the bridal boutique website is in place, as we work behind the scenes.

Revamps seem to be on the minds of a lot of clients, as we’ll also be working again with Claire, the owner of For Baby and Me and we’ll also – finally – be getting the Evie’s Retreat website up and running. Lots of other design work is bubbling under as we work on our autumn schedule, including a new off-shoot website for Styal Lodge wedding venue and on-going developments with Serendipity Brides.

We keep our client base small as it’s the best way we can deliver outstanding results. We love our work but we also want to keep our lives as stress free as we possibly can, and so we don’t overload ourselves. It would be very easy to take on all enquiries but that wouldn’t work for us as we’d just be working to live, rather than the other way round. And it certainly wouldn’t work for our clients as we wouldn’t be able to give the attention to them that they deserved. We think we’ve finally found our perfect life/work balance and so when new work does come our way, we usually know it’s right for us. And if you come to us, we hope that we are right for you, too…