delivering exactly what *you* want

It would be very easy for us, as designers, with presumably the knowledge and expertise that clients might not have – otherwise they would design their own websites – to push an agenda. To convince clients that what they need, is really what we want to deliver. To try and maximise the amount we can charge for a website.

But, we do not – and never will – do this.

It’s unethical, unprofessional, short-sighted and downright bad business practice. We simply cannot understand why you would over-egg the process, when it’s definitely not what the client needs. Obviously, sometimes websites can be complicated and the design journey protracted, especially if they require a lot of planning, research, building, changing and adapting according to feedback and usability etc. And these kind of websites are always discussed thoroughly with a client, before we even take a deposit.

But some websites can be supremely simple, in design and content – because this is exactly what the client needs. And, if that’s the case, that’s what we will deliver. A good example is the website we designed for long-standing West Didsbury hair salon, MD Conley. The owner has a strong and loyal client base, and like us, often gets new clients via referrals and word of mouth. So, he didn’t need an all-singing and all-dancing website, full of before and after photos and staff profiles and product information. He knows his client base better than anyone and knew that what he needed online was a website which clearly showed his services, prices, opening times and a way to contact the salon. We could have spent time, discussing why a more in-depth – and therefore more expensive website – should be the way forward. But we had listened to our client and knew exactly what he wanted and why – and this is exactly what we delivered.

We are as proud of this website as we are of any of the other sites we have designed, simply because we did what our client wanted. Not what we wanted. What he wanted.

This doesn’t mean that we are afraid to point out to clients that some of their ideas may not work very well. We’re very clear and open in our discussions and will always strive to find the right outcome – just not the most expensive outcome.

Do drop us a line, or give us a call, if you’d like to discuss your ideas with us. Especially if you have a vision and know what you want, and don’t want.