Are We Right For Each Other?

Choosing your designer is a big decision and we’d like to help you make the right decision. We’re not right for everyone – and not everyone is right for us – so if we can tell you a little bit more about us, you can make a more informed decision. Unless you already know us, our website will probably be your first introduction to us…

But, if you’re curious, we’re guessing you’ll want to know a bit more about us…

We work from home. Up until quite recently, our home used to be in West Didsbury, but we’ve made quite a big Life change. We’ve moved. Our new home – and where we now do our design work from – is in Istria, in northern Croatia, very close to the Slovenian and Italian borders. Now, we may have lost you at this point, because what you want is a design company, who is geographically close to you. But, if you’re still reading, we’re thinking that this isn’t necessarily a huge issue for you – after all, everything we do is online. And, although it’s always nice to meet people face to face, even when we were back in England, we did a lot of design work for people we didn’t actually meet.

So, since we moved nothing has really changed, work wise. Check out our website and see who we work with and what they have to say. We’re really happy that since we moved, we’ve taken on new clients, for whom the fact we live a bit further away, has made not a jot of difference…

We received an extremely professional service from We Are Life and are so grateful to them for their help and guidance- we are a start up restaurant and needed an organisation who could understand our needs and also work within our budget. Despite them not being geographically the closest agency we could have chosen, they were very responsive with emails and calls and have an excellent understanding of the local area. Their hard work and effort to put together our fantastic new website in a short timeframe is much appreciated! 

Nadia Ezzat, Sofra Restaurant, West Didsbury

Helen and Pete helped us with the designing of our website, branding, and everything else as we were completely clueless before we came to them! We were recommended to use them by a local business and we’re so pleased we took their advice. They are friendly and approachable and we are thrilled with the end result. We are also going to get them to redesign another website we have. 10/10. 

Dean Wild, S4JK, Stockport

We don’t call ourselves a design agency – we’re just people who love designing and are very lucky that we can actually make a living out of it. We’re a very small team – and that’s just how we intend to stay. We get most of our work in the most brilliant way possible – through word of mouth and through recommendations. So, you definitely won’t see us putting ourselves up for awards or promoting what we do through any other means than our own social media. If you’ll feel better having your design work done by a bigger agency, with receptionists and account managers, then we’re not the people for you.

We like to really get to know our “clients” – who we prefer to call “friends” because once we start working with people, that’s generally what they become, if they’re not already. So, if that all sounds just a bit too informal, maybe we’re not for you. And we like to stick around too – once we’ve worked closely with you on something as important as your brand, or your website, we don’t like to walk away and leave to your own devices. So, if long term relationships aren’t that important to you, maybe we won’t be your kind of people.

I’ve known Helen and Pete for around 10 years. They have actually created three websites and numerous marketing campaigns for me over the years. I can honestly say they are two of the most patient people I have ever met. I am, shall we say, not the most technical person in the world! They not only gently helped me get past all of that, but in their creative process, they actually cared enough to really feel what my business was about and also who my clients are too. Personally I think that’s kind of important. They keep everything fresh with new ideas – they are travellers and adventurous and this in turn keeps them fresh as well so that they always have something new to bring to the table. 

Carole Hilton-Stone, Ripon Massage

We are extremely professional, diligent and hard-working and will always, always try to make things as fabulous as possible for you. Sometimes, things can go wrong, but if you’ve come to us because you share our values, we’ll always work it out. Life’s too short not to.

So, now you know a bit about us, what about you? Basically, if you’re a nice person, we’ll want to work with you. That’s about how demanding we get…