The original website for Didsbury based Maths & Physics Tuition, was one of the first sites we built and designed, that did not use tables. At the time, we felt it was pretty cutting edge. But, as happens with progress, it soon started showing signs of age. It wasn’t mobile friendly. It just looked a bit tired and dated. But Peter and Fiona, who ran the company, were very busy, tutoring their students, and so updating the website wasn’t the highest of priorities, as it was still actually working well for them.

Over the years, as we do with the vast majority of people we work with, we’ve kept in touch with Peter and Fiona. As our clients, they are on our mailing list and so have received regular updates from us about things we think our clients need to know about. And so, even though it had been ages since we designed their first website and had also moved abroad (so were no longer just around the corner from them in Didsbury), we think that this regular contact, meant that they came back to us when they were ready to update the website.

As well as updating the content, we redesigned our original logo and freshened up the whole look. Like all of our websites now, the new version was rigorously tested across all devices and browsers to ensure that whatever it was being viewed on, it was perfect. Peter and Fiona wanted to keep things simple and uncluttered, and we think that they very much approve of their new look

We are delighted with We Are Life’s creative work on our website. Pete’s design process was surprisingly fast and the result was, not only technically very effective, but also artistically very pleasing. We think his work is very good value and would more than happily recommend his services.

What Now?

Well, if you too would like to have a bit of a new look, online-wise, why not get in touch? The first thing we’ll do is find out what YOU want and then look at ways to help you to achieve your new vision. If your budget doesn’t quite match your vision, we’ll also discuss options with you. We are firm believers in the idea that if you have a vision – if you know what you want – a way can always be found to make this a reality.

If, after our initial contact, you decide we’re not right for you, that’s absolutely fine. We won’t take offence. We’d much rather you decided this early on, than embark upon a project with us and then decide you’d prefer not to continue with us. The right person to take your design forward, is out there, and if it’s not us, we’d prefer that you told us sooner rather than later. There’s nothing more irritating, to be honest, than spending quite a bit of time discussing a project, emailing proposals and idea, and then…nothing. To us, it’s just a bit rude if communications are just suddenly ignored. So, get in touch by all means. Discuss your project with us, until you feel happy and reassured that we “get” what you want. And then make your decision. But do please have the courtesy to let us know if you decide not to proceed.

How To Contact Us…