However cutting edge, or beautifully designed, your website is, like everything else, it will, over time, show signs of age. Technology develops rapidly. Styles evolve. What was current three or four years ago, may be looking a little dated now. In exactly the same way that we change our looks and style, you should really think about your website in the same way. Sometimes, a whole new look is required. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a little bit of TLC. But we can guarantee that if you show your website a little bit of love, you will reap the benefits.

We’re at that stage in our business where websites we created a few years ago for clients, really need a bit of attention. Everything we design now is mobile friendly, but that wasn’t the case five or six years ago, and so a lot of the redesign we do, involves ensuring that design is now consistent across all browsers and devices. Sometimes this will involve a change of look, to ensure that consistency – no bad thing, as it means we can refresh your website.

Often, it’s just a case of updating copy on the website. There’s nothing worse than a site which is woefully out of date, referencing staff who moved on many moons ago, or highlighting services you no longer offer. Or, worse still, not mentioning new services, or changes you’ve implemented which mean you can offer clients and customers more than before, or great new additions to your team. Sometimes, clients reach the decision that it is time for a whole new look – and we have to approach this very systematically. Usually, the original website will be left in place while we design in the background. This means that you are still retaining your online presence – albeit with a website that probably by now, you can’t wait to see the back of! If a build, or design, is going to be quite complicated and we know will take some time, this our preferred option. Another option, is to have a new holding page in place, signalling the imminent changes, but with a link to the current site, so you have the best of both worlds.

All of this is done in collaboration with you. YOU tell US what you ideally want, and what your budget might be. We then work with you, to achieve your new look. In order for this to happen smoothly, we will need a few things from you :

  • Updated copy – you know your business, so we need the initial copy ideas to come from you. Not everyone feels comfortable writing about themselves, so we’re happy to work from bullet points and craft this text on your behalf.
  • New visuals. If your business relies on good imagery to sell your services, we’d always recommend a photoshoot. Obviously a professional photographer will make the world of difference, but we know that not all clients will have the budget for a shoot. So sometimes you have to be a little bit creative – perhaps you know someone who is studying photography who could do a shoot to be included in their portfolio? Perhaps you’re a dab hand with an iphone? Whichever way you decide to do it, be aware that visuals are key – and more so now, as many designs do rely on large format images, for impact.
  • Timely feedback. We know that if we send designs over to you, you are not going to feed back immediately. In fact, we’d rather you didn’t. We want you to revisit designs. Show other people. Take your time – but, obviously not too much time. If we’re waiting and waiting for feedback, chances are we will have involved ourselves in another project, so please try to come back to us in a reasonable time frame. That way, if any changes are to be made, we can do them as quickly as possible – meaning that your new website will be up and running more quickly.

So, without further ado, please take a last look at a number of websites we’ve designed, which are going to have the We Are Life TLC treatment. Some will change completely, some will have quite subtle changes, but all will be bang up to date.

And beautiful…

If you think it’s time for a New Look, why not get in touch? We’ll have you looking better in no time…