…and after SEVEN months of erratic – and sometimes non existent internet connection –  we really do feel that we are back, now that we seem to be fully online, as of today. It’s been a frustrating few months, to say the least, trying to keep on top of design work and deal with enquiries and emails, with something so inconsistent and fragile. We’re sure that people will have seen tweets when we’ve been holed up in hotels, saying we’re working, and you’ll have thought “Alright for some…”, but believe you me, when you are in a gorgeous place but don’t get to appreciate it because you know you have a limited amount of time to get work done, it’s definitely not the holiday it might appear!

So, after tearing our hair out and making many trips back and forth to the telecoms shop, collecting a nice pile of defunct routers (four at the last count), becoming acquainted with many of the Croatian telecoms personnel, having a very nice, but useless pole and cabling installed, we now seem to be up and running. Thanks to Mauro, the only person, in a long line of many, who seemed to have an understanding of the seriousness of our situation. Mauro, we salute you!

And what all of this means is that we can take a rest from being Booking.Com’s best customers and finally get on with the business of designing, from the comfort of our own home. At long last!

Although, we will most definitely not be designing on a Friday evening. You may think this is because we’ll be out, living it up. Not at all – another momentous event happened recently. After seven months of no television, this was also installed last week and joy of joys, the guilty pleasure that is Midsomer Murders is broadcast, in English, on a Friday evening. It’s rock & roll out here, in Istria…